Free Standing Double Sided Awning – Acrylic



Double-sided acrylic awning which is designed to shade a large area, with no requirement to fix them to a wall. Stylish and simple, they are a popular choice both for domestic use and for shops, cafes, and restaurants. A great solution to share a dining table,; they also provide protection from the rain.
Larger than a traditional patio umbrella, they consist of two retractable awnings mounted on a central frame. The total area covered is 3.5m x 3m (large) or 3m x 2m (small). The weight of the canopy is around 15kg and the frame is just over 25kg.

The operation is by manual crank; the crank is fixed on the left-hand side and operates both awnings at once. The awnings can be projected as little or as much as you require, up to the maximum specified above. The angle of tilt can be varied as required and the fabric rolls back when the awning is not in use. (Arm to the horizon is 8 degrees).
Expansion fixing bolts are provided to bolt two bases into concrete slabs. It is also possible to attach the awning onto railway sleepers, wooden decking, garden slabs, etc.
Available in a variety of colors.
250x400cm €494,00
300x400cm €515,00
300x500cm €585,00
350x400cm €574,00
400x500cm €594,00